Adult Forum Topics – 2017

Adult forum meets at 10:00 a.m.on Sunday morning.

January 2017

Jan. 1 – Shared Poetry Readings

Jan. 8 – Iran led by Sarah Torabi

Jan. 15 – T=0 The Beginning of the Big Bang led by Ray McKnight

Jan. 22 – Long Range Plans for UUCB led by Eric Anderson

Jan. 29 – Nature Photography led by Paul F. Austin

February 2017

Feb. 5 – Identity led by Hank Manwell

Feb. 12 – Feng Shui led by Gretchen Weller

Feb. 19 – How to Make a Power Speech led by Al Brenner

Feb. 26 – How to Prevent GERD and Acid Indigestion led by Michael Edwards

March 2017

Mar. 5 – Nike Business Practices led by Sara Torabi

Mar. 12 – The Worker-Owned Cooperative Makes Sense for Our Times led by Eric Anderson

Mar. 19 – Spiritual Exploration led by Margo Hicks

Mar. 26 – Vision for UU Brevard led by Alan Mackey

April 2017

Apr. 2 – Israeli Dance Demonstration led by Rhonda Burnett

Apr. 9 – Cuba and its Art led by Marjorie Pravden

Apr. 16 – Truth led by Eric Anderson

Apr. 23 – Frequently Asked Questions on UU led by Jim Morison

Apr. 30 – Will a Broken Century Lead to a Failed Trump Administration? led by Terry Fortman

May 2017

May 7 – Our Memory and How to Improve It led by Michael Edwards

May 14 – Life without Addictions led by Susan Marion

May 21 – Dissenters in Colonial America led by Florence Poor

May 28 – Gardening: How We Have Evolved led by Dale Marks

June 2017

June 4 – Ethical Guidelines for Congregational Conduct led by Don Roberts

June 11 – Our Spiritually Illiterate Society led by Ray McKnight

June 18 – The Culture of Permanence led by Eric Anderson

June 251 – Alexander Hamilton led by Florence Poor

July 2017

July 2 – Your Ego led by Harold Phillips

July 9 – Living in Spain in 1988-89 led by Ket Carazo

July 16 – What I Learned from the Three Rs led by David Wolcott

July 23 – Lamas — The First Harvest of the Year as Celebrated by the Celtic Pagans as led by Aynne Morison

July 30 – Spiritual Exploration led by Margo Hicks

August 2017

Aug. 6 – Political Food led by Jane Arens

Aug. 13 – How to Write a Grant led by Kathy Engerran

Aug. 20 – Elevator Conversations led by James Kilby

Aug. 27 – New Member Orientation led by Eric Anderson

The Adult Forum is an informal discussion group that meets every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. (one hour before church service begins).

You don’t have to be a church member to join in the lively discussion which covers a wide range of topics:


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